Who Is Brittney Warren?

My name is Mrs. Brittney Warren. I am a student as well as an employee of Davenport University, Flint Campus.   I first began my education at Davenport in May of 2009.  I also began my employment as Office Assistant that same year.  In June of 2011, I was promoted to Student Life Coordinator for the Flint Campus. Student Life is a program that gives students a fun and expressive way to enjoy college life.  We encourage campus involvement and support student initiatives to foster valuable learning experiences.   I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the HIM (Health Information Management) program.

Me as a student, I am very hard-working and passionate about my education.  I spent a lot of my time as in online student.  But I quickly learned that I have a greater passion for being in the classroom with my peers.  I enjoy that one on one time with my instructors and I appreciated the support of my peers.

My work is another one of the things I enjoy.  I get the privilege to work in the same place that I receive my education.  As the Student Life Coordinator for the my campus, it is my pleasure to offer students the chance to better their involvement by inviting them to enjoy a successful college experience, which includes social and intellectual development.

Taking Technical Communication, will hopefully widen my networking skills and introduce me to things that I can use in my everyday life, as well as in my employment.  This course is beneficial to my career because, I am studying in the administrative area in the health field.  My job will require me to send emails and memos to insurance companies and other health care facilities on behalf of doctors, staff, and patients. Learning how to convey information in its simplest form for my patients will be essential in my field.



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