Brittney Warren

I am very dedicated to my work.  I am the Leader of an organization, which allows me to be responsible for myself as well as others.  I believe in giving my all in any situation or project that I’m involved in.  I value my peers opinions and this allows me to work well with others. I have experience in customer service.  I was employed as an Office Assistant for two in a half years, until I was promoted.  I am very organized and I take great pride in all my work.  I have mastered all the basic computer skills along with the Microsoft program.

My education has prepared me in my career by taking classes that teach me to do the actual work that I would be doing in the field.  The health classes have replicas of documentation and paper work that I will be using in the field.  The books are actually books from the HIM field.  I have learned coding, billing, extraction, filing, along with the business aspect of my career.  Taking my diversity class, thought me how to be in a group or team with people of different cultures and ethnicities.  Learning how to respect my peers and potential co-workers who my have cultural backgrounds, are an important part of having a career in the health field.

I have  never had a conflict with a boss or professor.  This is mainly because as a student I know my place in the classroom and what is expected of me.  And as a worker I also know my place and what my job duties require me to do.  Any problems I have as a student or as a worker, I know how to approach them in a professional way with my professor or my boss.  My excellent people skills aided me and making sure that aspect was never an issue in my work and education environment.

I am  a team player, I will do what ever it takes , while still maintaining my professionalism, to make sure my team succeeds.  A teams works together and each voice counts.  And in some cases, a team my need a leader to step up and take charge.  I have no problem standing in when it’s needed.  I also have the know how to be a great team member.  If my team has a leader, I will work just as hard in the followers position and dedicate the same effort to achieve team success.


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