Monthly Archives: November 2011

Service Learning

What is Service Learning?  Service Learning is when you participate is aiding in the community, while learning in the process.  You obtained a hands on experience of learning the importance of helping out in the community.  It’s stepping outside of the box and helping make home and your surroundings a better place.

Make expectations are to get the opportunity to work with Big Brothers and Big Sisters for the first time.  I what to make a difference in at least one child life, so they can later reminder me and something I taught them.  I want to be a part of the rising percentage of volunteers who have changed a life and opened the door that some child felt like wasn’t there.

I would also like this project to teach me, how offering my time can be valuable in someone’s life.  I would like to gain new friendships and partnerships with the organization. My current job requires me to be in the community and offering resources to my student body.  I anticipate on this project drawing me closer to my community.

I will be able to take my communication skills from networking with my service  learning partner, to my future career. It will help make introducing myself to new relationships easier.  I will be able to transfer the experience of working with many different types of people, ages, and cultures.  In the health care field, working across many culture, and generation spectrums, are a part of the daily environment.  Working with my group during this project will also allow me to working more comfortably with different people and teams in the ever-changing health care field.  And this service learning project will surely allow me to experience and develop a special relationship with children, which is more than likely be a larger aspect of my career.